Planting in a pot

Question: which plant in pot

hello I would like tips to buy a plant to put in a 60cm diameter I go to the sunny terrace in the morning. it would always be out. Milan location. what plants do you suggest?

Answer: planting in pots

Dear Anna,
it depends a little on your tastes, because in a 60 cm diameter vase you can put lots of plants; among the most classic certainly the roses, and don't tell me what my sister-in-law always tells me: "but roses bloom only once a year, and you have to do a lot of care"; for some reason that I ignore no one notices the blossoming roses, even when he sees them in the gardens. Until a few decades ago only botanical or antique roses were used in the garden, which tended to bloom only in spring; for many years the breeders have produced rose plants of all possible sizes, very re-flowering, which begin to bloom in late winter and continue until the climate makes it possible, or more or less until the first frosts. Very traditional pot plants also hydrangeas and azaleas, which in full sun might need a lot of water, but if you don't have a lot of pots, you can try to cure your hydrangea in the best way, watering it often in the summer months (also every day). Camellias, such as hydrangeas and azaleas, are also very beautiful and traditional, they are acidophilic plants, but the fact of growing them in pots will allow you to better control the earth, repotting them every 3-4 years with new soil for acidophilic plants. If you love creepers you can think of a rincospermo (trachelospermum jasminoides), or even risk for a jasmine (jasminum officinale) that fears the cold a little, but sheltered on the terrace in the sun should have no problem; if you love the genus, there are various species of jasmine, also with yellow flowers, and also plants that recall jasmine, such as the solanum jasminoides, with abundant blooms from spring to autumn. If instead you prefer more sober plants, without excessively showy blooms, but with beautiful foliage, you can think of viburnums, even here there are various species, some evergreens, some with deciduous leaves, all with white flowers in winter or spring. If you want unusual plants you can plant a feijoa, or a clarkia: you will certainly find them in the nursery, and you will get a splendid flowering. Still among the unusual plants, you can consider all the plants of Australian origin, such as the wax flower, the callistemon, the banksias. More traditional are the oleander (which will withstand the Milanese cold, given that it is sheltered from the terrace), or even aromatic plants, such as lavender or rosemary, which in a beautiful large vase will become impressive in size. I invite you to go for a walk in the nursery, because there are so many plants that you can grow in your large vase, I have listed only those that came to mind first or that are more commonly found in the vases on the terraces.